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Order indoor advertising - easy!

The most effective advertising is one that unobtrusively suggests using the service or purchasing goods, while constantly being in the field of view of people. According to statistics, it is precisely such appeals that have an impact. Interior advertising is placed inside or outside buildings, in halls and squares with free access of a large number of people. As sites for promotion we have:

  1. elevators
  2. walls of buildings (supermarkets and business centers);
  3. train stations;
  4. airport;
  5. Public transport.

To find an effective solution, take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Cheapmedia site. It presents a few dozen of pruductures for the placement of interior advertising in .

Where to place banners

An effective advertising company begins with the analysis of the consumer market, identifying potential customers and the place of intersection of their interests. Simply speaking, it is necessary to identify the category of people who will be interested in the offered service or products, and to foresee where they can be found most often.

Consider this in a simple example, a company selling garden tools. To place advertising in elevators or walls of the business center is a waste of money. The likelihood that office workers or urban residents need a garden inventory of no more than 10-15%. The same proposal will be much more effective if the advertisement is placed in suburban buses, railway stations.

Cheapmedia site - the opportunity to choose the best option for a PR company, taking into account the likely consumer.